Feb. 25th, 2010

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Back to the Gym yesterday. Felt good to get back to it. I've slacked off entirely, osetnsibly to let my aching shoulders get a rest. I gave them three weeks off entirely, and they're feeling much better. Last week was the first time they didn't ache after WAKING UP in the morning, and I feel like I have a full range of motion with very little pain anywhere.

Still, I went easy on them. The three weeks off overall meant I had to drop weight on all my exercises, and I was planning on doing so anyway, to see what happened.

Bicep Curls were fine. Tricep extensions gave a little twinge that went away after a while. Chest Presses done with a LOT less weight still caused a little ouchy around the top of my shoulder, so I knocked off on those after just half a set. Rowing was fine, I went 3000 meters on the Erg machine with no problems, as well as the Compound rowing weight machine at reduced weight. Obviously, leg work and ab and back stuff was fine. I didn't try pull-ups or dips, I suspect they would produce soreness as well. :(

Today: No more soreness than just muscle soreness.

Not sure what to do from here in regards to the shoulder. Continue to be as nice to it as possible, I suspect. Avoid "press" type movements in working out. Probably save my shoulders for racing season this year (there's a fair amount of shoulder work involved in steering (and counter-steering) a go-kart.

So, that's that (so far)


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