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Yesterday was the Buda Good Cause Hat Tournament, benefitting the American Red Cross Hurricane Katrina effort. I was up bright and early at 7am to get some food in me, and head up to Brookline to pick up Cris, the guy that posted the initial LJ post I saw about the event. I picked him up, coincidentally two houses down from where I used to live in Brookline, and then we headed up to Mitre fields in Burlington. We were pretty early, we got there at 8:30am, so we both pitched in volunteering, helping register and sign people up for teams.

There ended up being just about 120 people in total playing, which was awesome to see. There were people of all skill levels, from people who had NEVER played Ultimate before, to some pretty hot-shot BUDA players. I'm pretty decent at pickup Ultimate, but they guys make me look plain BAD. :) I wasn't really planning on winning or doing anything spectacular, and as I told people, I was willing to get my ass beat for Charity. :)

They made teams up with the aim of mixing up skill levels, and they did a DAMN good job. None of the teams were completely stacked with experts, and no team was all complete newbies either. I was definitely in the bottom 50% of players. My team had three or four 16 and 17-year-olds from Newton and another private school, and totally randomly, the brother of a good friend of mine from HS, Andy. I was totally floored to see him, as I hadn't seen him in probably six or seven years, so that was a great re-connect there!

Anyway, we had a great team spirit in our group, everyone out there to have fun. We had some pretty decent players (including Andy, who was probably the best out of all of our group of players that came out of our High School) and one of the kids from Newton HS is going to be EXCELLENT if he keeps playing. He was already DAMN good, enough so that Andy and I BOTH commented on it. However, even with our limited amounts of talent and incredible team spirit, we managed to lose all our games. *LOL* The level of play there was definitely one notch above what I'm used to, and as I've been low on exercise this year, I definitely just got tired out too much to make some plays I should have had. I made a few points, and was still pretty OK on defense as always, but the running around just wore me out. Luckily, we had 15 people on our team, so subbing out every couple of points helped. I *could* play at this level if I did it on a regular basis, and watching some of the regular BUDA players was really inspiring. I did feel the need to lay out a lot more for the disc, which was pretty cool, since I like doing it. :)

We broke at half-time for lunch, which was nicely provided by the guy I brought, Cris, in return for driving him up and back. I shared my lunch with one of the kids who didn't really have any lunch, and later on, his MOM showed up with PIZZA for our team, which was pretty nice of her. We were the best-fed team out there. :)

We ended up losing most of our games by 2 or 3 points, and our last game was the best. We ended up trading points back and forth all the way down to the very last minute of the game, when we ran out of time. We lost by one, but everyone had a great time, and we all proclaimed it a success.

So, of course, this was a charity event. The numbers! How much did we raise? For the entire event, the total $$$ figure raised was $11,880. That was a very good figure for 120 people, especially cheap-ass ultimate frisbee players! Also very cool was the fact that I ended up tied as the #4 fundraiser! One guy had $750 in donations, one had $530, someone had $380, and I and one other guy tied for $240. Not only did I get TWO cool BUDA frisbees, but I also got a "Yankee Haters" baseball cap as a fundraising winner. I'll get a picture of that later on.

I'd like to give a BIG THANK YOU to all my friends who sponsored me for this event. I do have some pictures of the team in action, and I'll post a link to them here in LJ when I get them online in the next day or two! Again, THANKS for the support. I think these good cause tournaments may become a regular event for me. :)

Second Step

Sep. 2nd, 2005 12:59 pm
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I have training for the Red Cross Emergency Disaster training class scheduled for September 10th. All the classes before that were filled up.

I think I'd better start getting a little more exercise and sleep.


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