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So, I'm driving to work, from the Dentist's office (through Alewife up Route 2, for all you Boston folks), and at the intersection to get to Route 2, there are two consecutive traffic lights you must sit to. As I pull up to the first one, I see they both have panhandlers working, one at each light.

As I reach the first light, I'm pretty far back in the line of cars. The guy starts walking towards me. He holds up his sign, and his sign says, "Homeless Vet. Need Money Please. God Bless." I debate giving him some change, applying my totally non-scientific appraisal methods to his pitch, but the light changes, so I have to drive anyway.

I reach the second traffic light, and stop. This guy starts walking down the line of cars, and holds up HIS sign: SPARE CHANGE FOR LSD AND GUNS.

I was laughing so incredibly hard, I could hardly reach my wallet to get out a dollar to give to this guy. He walked up next to my window as I was handing out the dollar, and I said, "Dude, that's the best sign ever." He smiled, and said, "God Bless you!" and I drove away, still laughing.

It took me probably 2 or 3 miles to stop laughing.
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"It's too bad that the only planets we can reliably locate at this time are the freaky-deeky ones that are too massive, too close to their primary, or are in orbits far too elliptical to give life a decent chance...each new system looks like a good example of how NOT to design a solar system capable of sustaining life."

Sadly, the guy's right! We keep finding the Marilyn Mansons of the planetary models!


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