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I'm giving away some more stuff I'll never use.

They include

  • Some Low-power Ikea Lightbulbs

  • A universal Remote control (New in Plastic)

  • A DAP system (for calming down nervous Dogs)

  • A sunbeam Space Heater

  • A set of Jumper Cables

  • Some DSL Microfilters (Wall mount shown, but I have regular dongle-ones too)

  • A 6-port Wall-mount plug expander (expands 2 plugs to 6)

  • Various pieces of cars, and since I know what you all drive, I know none of you need those.

Pictures of all of this stuff lives at http://www.flickr.com/photos/wileycox/sets/72157600046460942/

It's all FREE. If you can use any of it, and you can pick it up or pay for shipping, you can HAVE it.


Mar. 8th, 2006 10:22 am
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I've come to one. I am NEVER going to do anything with all those old computer parts in my basement. I'm not an ubergeek anymore. :(

I've been spending some relatively serious time opening up all those boxes of computer parts, monitors, disks, and etcetera that I have accumulated in 18 years of collecting computer things. I'm throwing some out. I'm putting a lot up for free on freecycle, gb-reuse and craigslist. People are coming to take the stuff.

I'm not as sad as I thought I'd be to get rid of this stuff, since I really realize it's just stuff I've been carting around for years, with some notion I'd one day get it working again. Even if I do get it working.... what can I do with an 8088 PC now? I'll leave these little treasures to other people who can use them. (I'm still a little sad).

And for the record, I'll be damned if I get rid of my Uber-286/25 before I try to make THAT work again!

But I probably will still get rid of it.
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It's House-cleaning time. Here's the first group. These things are on Craigslist, Free-cycle, and GB-reuse as well. Reply soon if you want any of them.

I have a number of varied Playstation and PS2 accessories.

1: PS2 (original model) network adapter. Works fine, I simply killed my old PS2, and bought another new slimline model, with Network adapter built in.

2: Original-style PS2 upright stand, for holding your PS2 in a vertical position. Black.

3: Madcatz Turbo PS2 controller. Has buttons for activating turbo functions on selected buttons, and can switch between Dual Force, Digital, and steering wheel functions.

4: Original Playstation (1) controller. Yes, the original. Wheeee.

5: "Ascii Pad" PS 1 controller, with Slow-Mo button.

6: "Tilt Force" PS1 controller, allows you to steer simply by tilting controller left or right.

7: BROKEN PS2 console. It powers up, and gets Disc Read errors. I've tried the internet-available methods to clean/fix/etc this unit, and it didn't work. If you need an original PS2 for spare parts, however, this could work for you.

All items are available either in Needham just off of Route 95 during business hours, or most evenings after 6pm in Weymouth, MA.

Please email me at VolkScirocco@gmail.com for information, and to let me know if you want any of these items. I will hold any item for ONE DAY, and if you don't come to get it, it goes to the next interested party. Anything not claimed within one week is going in the trash.


EDIT: about 20 minutes later - A guy who lives one town over is coming to get all of these items. Whoopee!


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