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So, yeah, first Bicycle lesson for Hannah tonight. She's so used to a tricycle, this was a bicycle with No training wheels (not sure where they went) so it was me walking/jogging alongside of her while she pedaled, and learned to NOT WATCH YOUR FEET, and pedal forwards. :)

She did great, and she's psyched to try it some more. We'll have a little Jeannie Longo in no time. :)
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There is, in Hyde Park, MA, a bowling alley, candlepin BUMPER bowling, that advertises as holding birthday parties for kids. One of Hannah's classmates invited Hannah to a party there yesterday, and as I love bowling, I volunteered to take Ms. Hannah to the party.
12 kids. Ages 2.9 to 6. Another 12-13 parents, some overwhelmed, some like myself highly amused. Very loud.

Widget had never actually bowled by herself, so her score of 62 was very respectable, and that was bowling with no help whatsoever, aside from the bumpers of course. She had a great time. I organized a lane of 4 kids (including Hannah) to bowl, which was mostly talking a lot of pep-talk, keeping them bowling in order, and making everyone see just how silly I could be (which is very silly.) The kids bowled one (very slow) game, and the birthday boy won (which is, I figure, why he chose bowling in the first place, he was AWESOME AT IT) and everyone else did well-enough to have fun.

The adults got a half-game to bowl before it was time for us to gorge on pizza and ice cream. It was pretty clear I was gonna wipe everyone out. I had a 32 by my second frame. :) Hee hee, and I don't even LIKE candlepin that much!

So, all the kids crowded around a giant table, and pizza was passed out. One poor child was so excited, he took one look at his pizza, started crying and then vomited all over himself. No lie. *sigh* Oh well. Illegal vomiting, 5 yards, repeat first down. Everyone else dug into pizza, and then into Ice cream cake. I spent a lot of my time handing out napkins, plates and drinks. Most of the rest of the parents seem to regard these parties as RELAXATION mode entirely, and stood slack and passive near their children, which is fine, I guess. I prefer running around with the kids, playing, and being helpful. I think they look at me a little oddly sometimes, but [livejournal.com profile] siercia reports this morning that the birthday boy's Mom reported I was extremely helpful. Hmm, Helpful, AND I had fun. WE WIN.

Anyway, Hannah was extremely well-behaved, even when a lot of the other kids weren't, and that's why my girl rules. :)


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