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Jan. 12th, 2006 11:17 am
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Tuesday night was snowboarding night. The snow SUCKED the first few runs, and then they grooomed it. Then it was AWESOME.
I was flyin'. I was jumpin' off the rollers. It was much fun.

There's one section on a trail where there are two pretty steep drop-offs, you can get some air just by going pretty fast over them, no real need to jump. I was doing so, I'd already done it once on an earlier run. I cleared the first one fine, and I needed to make a slight adjustment in direction before the second one... whoops.... Hmm I appear to have caught my front edge a little... Uh oh, I'm airbone... and I'm upside-down and backwards... this is gonna *WHUMP ROLL ROLL ROLL THUMP* ....hurt....

I felt my ankle get jammed as I rolled over, because the edge of the snowboard got dug into the snow, and I couldn't get it out fast enough before my body weight pushed on SOMETHING. I rolled over, and noticed I'd stopped about 1 foot from going off the side of the trail into the nice little brook that ran alongside it, that woulda been chilly. At this point, I started laughing, because I knew how funny that musta looked to other people. Amazingly, no one saw me. Also, my ASS HURT. That was my first impact spot.

I got back on my feet, and rode down the rest of the way to Mr. Ajax who was waiting for me. He laughed at me. :)

I took one more run, because I wasn't sure if the ankle was really just *tweaked* or if I'd done something to it. While it was in the boots, it wasn't swelling, but by the time we reached the top of the lift, I could definitely feel it was WARM, which means "swelling!" which means !Good. Oh well. I made that last run fine, and we packed it in. It didn't hurt that much driving home, but I know it's always worse for me the next day, and indeed it was. I could walk gingerly on it, but I figured staying home was a better idea, and so that's what I did yesterday. REST, ICE, COMPRESSION.

Today's definitely better. It seems like "minor sprain" type of damage. I've definitely sprained my ankle worse than this before, so while I'll *probably* miss next week's snowboarding, I should be fine for the week after. OK, that's it, my one injury for the year!

P.S.: Always wear a helmet while snow-sporting. I would have hurt a LOT more had I not been properly lidded. :)
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Anyone want to go to Wachusett with me tomorrow night after work? 6pm meetup?
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I just (mostly) jokingly promised someone that I wouldn't do anything to plan our yearly ski trip, and she seemed genuinely happy to hear that.

I feel that I have a lot of ski-place knowledge, more than some of the other trip members, and am doing a service by guiding them to suitable and fun locations for the entire group. We've had some "discussions" about that on previous trips.

Am I took forceful in trying to steer these trips somewhere that's more likely to be exciting/fun/etc, or am I just forcing people out of their comfort zones for the satisfaction of my own goals?

[Some of the people involved are on this journal. That's fine. I'm interested in seeing what you have to say as well. And I reserve the right, if we end up skiing somewhere SUCKY, to say I TOLD YOU SO. :)]


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