Feb. 24th, 2007 03:04 pm
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Eesh. I just spent $170 on those nifty curly low-watt high-output efficiency lightbulbs and three new Smoke/CO2 detectors to make sure we comply with the new MA rules for smoke detectors.

The bulbs and the detectors are all quite nice (10 bulbs, including a couple of 3-way ones for the BRIGHT LAMPS), and the CO2/smoke detectors TALK when they go off, and tell you if they think it's a fire or CO2 emergency. Pretty trick.

But... $170? Ah, the joys of home ownership. :)
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I'll give a little context, because otherwise this won't make any sense. Behind the cut is an email letter I wrote to my friend Kim, who's the mother of my first girlfriend in HS. The relationship between myself and Kim and her husband Mark was odd at the time I was dating their daughter for a few reasons, but we became very good friends a few years later.

They live in a truly amazing house just off of Corey Road in Brookline. It's a truly beautiful 3-floor house with a lovely tree-shaded back yard, a fish pond, a 2-level stone patio with outdoor grill, numerous huge rooms inside, and a cavernous basement. It was always a place of mystery to me, probably because of the rather imperious nature of Mark and Kim at the time I first met them and when I was dating their daughter, where he was a fairly prominent lawyer, she a fairly strict, highly-educated mother, and both of them so far above me in social status, education and etiquette and demeanor that it was hard not to view them and the house in a somewhat skewed manner. Nonetheless, they were always very nice to me, and I found behind the appearance were two genuinely wonderful, kind and funny people who welcomed myself and my family as friends of their entire family.

Now that all their children have moved out, had their own children, and bought their own houses, and now that they are becoming older and no longer need or want such a huge house, they are moving out. They invited us over to see the house before they sold it, because they knew the house was special to me as well as to their children. I and my daughter visited, and got to meet their new grandchild in the process, which was nice. Recently, Kim emailed me a link to the virtual tour of their house created by their realtor. I watched it a few times, and then I wrote her this email. Why am I posting it here? These are my thoughts, you might be interested.

Oh, and P.S.: I manufactured the Music field for this post because, well, it fits.

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