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One of my projects this month has been making the 2x4 workbenches I told MSOQ I would make for their charity auction. The gimmick was, I'd make a full-size one, and a "child-sized" one, since this is going to be school parents bidding on these, and what child DOESN'T need a workbench/Drawing table/Mess-making location that, honestly, doesn't really matter if it gets messed up?

Well, I'd finished the deck of the first full-size one a few weeks ago, and cut the legs, but then realized if I assembled it, it would be just as large as mine (which was from the same plans), which I had to build pretty much in place in the basement, and which would NOT make it up the stairs, let alone into the car, to be delivered to someone's house. So, I'm going to assemble it in place, in whomever's house wins it. :)

The auction is April 1st. I had not yet started the children's one. I figured I should probably get it done today, so when I got back from church, I started in on it, and 2.5-3 hours later, it was done. The challenge of this one was, I scaled everything down to about 55% of the full-size one, based on a child of about Widget's size, which is a BIG 5-yr old or a normal 6-7-yr old child. Perfect. :) I had one issue with a short leg (3 of 4 matched, one for some reason is being difficult), but since I put it all together with 2.75in wood screws, that leg was removed and another replaced. Again, I can fine-tune leg length at the parents' house when they know where they want it.

Pictures? Sure. Some are large. )


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