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I got my new Mountain Bike about 3 months ago. Belmont Wheel Works gives you a free tune-up within 90 days of purchase. That was coming up fast for me, so I took it in Wednesday, and they said I'd have it back Friday evening!

Friday comes. I go to Wheelworks. I get worried when I walk in and don't see my bike on the, "waiting to go" rack by the door. The guy comes over. "Oh, yeah, Dave (the tech) wanted to talk to you. Didn't you get his message?" (Phone was off due to dead battery).

Dave: Yeah, your loose fork, the play in the suspension, yeah, Cannondale says it's kinda screwed up, and either needs to be replaced or repaired. We don't have the parts here to definitely repair it, and it'll take 3-4 weeks to get the parts in. Cannondale says we should just ship the fork back and they'll rebuild it, and get it back to us in 10-12 days.

Me: Soooo, I guess I'm not taking it on vacation, then.

Dave: Uh.....

I'm glad it's still under warranty, and I'm glad it's getting repaired/replaced free, but I wish it hadn't busted in the first place. :(
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I hope it turns out to be not true, but if not, Fuck you, Floyd, for making me believe.
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I can't believe this is really going to happen. I'm actually speechless.

Tour de France bars 50 riders

Ullrich. Basso. Sevilla. Beloki. Hamilton. Geez, what's the point of even HAVING the race missing that many people?

Every year that ends with a 6, something horrible happens to the Tour....
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So, yeah, first Bicycle lesson for Hannah tonight. She's so used to a tricycle, this was a bicycle with No training wheels (not sure where they went) so it was me walking/jogging alongside of her while she pedaled, and learned to NOT WATCH YOUR FEET, and pedal forwards. :)

She did great, and she's psyched to try it some more. We'll have a little Jeannie Longo in no time. :)
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"At last this race is going to be open again," said Leblanc. "It was tiresome to see the same scenario repeat itself every summer."

Man, how RUDE is this? Yeah, anyone who ever suggested IGNORING Miguel Indurain, Eddy Merckx or Bernard Hinault would be CRUCIFIED. What's the difference between those three champions and Lance Armstrong? Those three champions were European. Way to go with the world-view, Leblanc.
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Thank you, Lance Armstrong, for showing the world what a true sporting champion looks like.

Your name can sit comfortably among other such sports notables as Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Hank Aaron, Wayne Gretzky and other truly legendary sports figures. As they have, you have done something that will probably never be equaled, you've raised to level required to be a champion to an almost unfathomable height, and you've captivated the whole world while doing it. Vive La Tour. Vive Lance. Merci Beaucoup, et Bon Sante.

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(I thought I'd do people a favor, and break down elements of Jan Ullrich's interview for you, along with some translations and comments. My comments in Italics)
article and comments on Jan Ullrich and the TdF! )
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PARIS, June 22 (Reuters) - Italian Ivan Basso plans to attack six-times winner Lance Armstrong in the mountains in next month's Tour de France.

The CSC rider, who finished a disappointing 28th in the Giro d'Italia, is not expecting to beat the American in the overall standings but hopes to give him a tough time in the mountain stages.

"He is unbeatable," Basso told sports daily L'Equipe on Wednesday.

"I know I am stronger than last year, in the time trials and in the mountain. So you can be sure that this time, I will attack."

Basso does not believe German Jan Ullrich is fit enough to beat Armstrong, who is aiming for a record seventh successive victory in his last Tour.

"In the Tour of Switzerland, he (Ullrich) was not on top form," said Basso, who finished third in last year's Tour, over six minutes behind Armstrong.

Ullrich was fourth, eight minutes and 50 seconds off the pace.

The Tour de France starts on July 2 with an individual time trial in Fromentine Noirmoutier and ends on July 24 on the Champs Elysees in Paris.


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