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Day 9 of my first rotation, and this was the first day with any real excitement. Most of my job involves cleaning little bits of bone out of the Lancers' chainsaw mechanism. It takes a lot to jam one of those, but get it stuck into a Locust femur, and apparently it can happen.
Anyway, they sent me out on a refit mission for an outpost on the edge of the patrolled area. They had some heavy equipment out there that was acting up, and I volunteered to go out there with the new patrol and check it out. I hadn't been out there an hour when the intruder alarm for the outpost started going off, and suddenly there were Locust coming over the wire and trying to get over the wall. I started hearing some pretty loud explosions close by, and I was gonna run for the shelter (all I had was my sidearm) but then I heard all the Gears laughing at the perimeter. Apparently, they had taken a page from the Locust tactics manual and mined the entire run-up area to the outpost. Most of the Locust had been destroyed immediately, but there were two or three left out there, standing still, looking around for more mines. It was pretty comical, and soon the Gears started taking pot-shots at the Locusts' feet, making them jump around. A few shots, a hop one way, until inevitably, they hopped onto a mine, and then Kaboom. The Gears just about fell down crying they were laughing so hard. Eventually, they got bored, and shot the remaining Locust drones, and they even let me shoot one, just so I could get my first combat medal! Sweet!
After that, everyone went back to their business of monitoring the recon stations, and I went back to getting their Silverback put back into working order. How they got that much Lambent goo into the interior gearing, I'll NEVER know, and none of them are owning up to it.

PS: I need to look into a shell-casing recycling program for these guys. They expend SO much ammunition, and never police any of their brass. Geez, guys, that shit costs money, you know!
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