Sep. 27th, 2011

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Well, I made it! I finally achieved my lifelong dream and I finally became a COG today! Well, most of my lifelong dream. They said I was "physically insufficient" for front-line combat (which around here seems to mean under 6'5 and 265lb of solid muscle) so they... reassigned me. They made me a mechanic. Which, you know, is pretty cool! I get to fix the guys' Lancer rifles, oil up the chainsaw for ripping into crunchy locust shells and squishy lambent skins, recalibrate the scopes on the One-shots and shit like that. I also keep the Silverbacks running smooth, and find a way to cram all that ammunition into the magazines.... MAN these guys like to hose out the bullets like that shit's FREE. Oh well, I ain't paying for it!

Jacinto was destroyed just after I joined up, so it's a good thing I got the hell out of there. I saw some shit there that made me decide one day to join up. I was tired of hearing my friends were getting killed by the damned Locust, and all I could do was hide out in the basement and hope they wouldn't find me. Screw that, I wanted to fight! So now I'm doing my part, arming up the Gears to fight the Locust and the Lambents and keep us all from being destroyed. I'm proud to serve.

Oh, I forgot to mention, I'll be on light-duty for a few more days until my back heals up, I slipped on a huge pile of spent ammo casings and went down hard, wrenched my shit up pretty bad. But no worries, I'll be back on top of stuff and doing my part soon!

Corporal Jackson out!


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